A New You - Manual Therapy

What to expect  and cancellation policy

Your first visit for manual massage therapy is typically 46-60 minutes long, this time includes filling out paperwork,  answering any questions you or I may have, looking at your posture to see any issues that could be contributing to your pain/injury then we will form a treatment best for your needs and concerns.

During these session you just need to wear loose comfortable clothing you do not have to get undressed. This I know is different but it helps with modesty during the stretches we will actively preform and allows for movement test to find any left over pain if any and aid in adjusting treatment for you.

 Cancellation Policy

I require a 24 hour notice for any cancellation of an appointment.

If cancelled within the 24 hour period or you just do not show up to your appointment a $25 charge will be applied or if you have a package, gift card, or groupon one will be used as payment for missed/ cancelled appointment. if you do not pay you will not be allowed to make an appointment until fee is paid and you prepay for the next appointment.